Rachel Leigh Cook Rises Again

by Liz Colville

I am frequently struck with the “Whatever happened to…?” disease on behalf of really boring people who haven’t really been gone from our lives that long, and do I even miss them at all, no.

An exception to this would be Andie MacDowell, who is doing stuff besides L’Oréal commercials, I swear, but you have to look deep, deep in the rental section of the iTunes Store, where you will likely find some 99-cent MacDowell projects at which you will cock your head to the side and go “Oh!” with curiosity and sympathy, but will probably never rent, instead choosing Couples Retreat for the third time, or Magnolia, only to fall asleep in the first five minutes of it again. (“Are you sure you want to start watching ‘Magnolia’? You will have 24 hours to watch this film.” “I KNOW, I got it.”)

The point of this is that Rachel Leigh Cook is back. On a pilot, mind you, but good enough. She will be playing a “sexy, sharp-tonged and smart FBI agent.” But of course!