Plenty More Political Donors Left on TV

by Liz Colville

Keith Olbermann has been suspended from MSNBC “indefinitely” for donating money to a handful of Democratic candidates, which is against the network’s policy. Lest we forget, Olbermann is the highest-rated personality on the network. A campaign has already begun on the Interwebs to put him back on the air (go to this Facebook page, if interested).

In the meantime, Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly has compiled some information on News Corp’s donations to the Republican party (huge) as a function of the number of donors it has reprimanded for doing so (tiny, nonexistent, in fact):

[L]et’s also remember that News Corp made multiple undisclosed donations to the Republican Governors Association, totaling at least $1.25 million, in addition to a $1 million contribution to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its pro-Republican election-year activities. Fox News has helped GOP candidates raise money on the air; Fox News personalities are featured guests at Republican fundraisers; while other Fox News personalities continue to help generate financial support for Republican candidates now, even after the elections.