Pin Reads: Geek Love

by Matthew Gallaway

For Pin Reads, we’re going to pick novels that we read and loved at some point, but probably gave away or lost in a move or left out in the rain, but that we sometimes think about when we’re stuck on the subway or sitting in a super-boring meeting or listening to some a-hole drone on about ____ (zzzz), so that we wish we were once again in a different place (like, wherever that book once took us).

I’m picking Geek Love by Katherine Dunn because I remember it being about a family of circus freaks (all related, because their parents took as many drugs as possible before having them), which is obviously an incredible metaphor for ____. I haven’t read it in a long time, but I’m pretty sure that I’m still going to love it? Let’s get all “book clubby” and discuss at some point in January! Television’s been kind of spotty lately, anyway, and it’s dark out all the time, so why not try a book?

Edith: Yes! (Also, copies are available for one cent on Amazon!)

Matthew Gallaway lives in Washington Heights and is the author of the soon-to-publish novel The Metropolis Case.