New Robyn! Body Talk Pt. 3!

My best friend Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 3 partially leaked! Here’s three tracks! Let’s listen! Press them all at once! (Or, it leaked in its entirety and these are the only new songs? In which case, Robyn, when you come over later we have something to talk about!)

“Time Machine”

“Call Your Girlfriend”

“Stars 4-Ever”

OK, so, “Time Machine” is the one to keep an eye on/play over and over for the rest of the day.

Update: “Call Your Girlfriend” also one to play a bunch.

Update No. 2: As a commenter points out, the dance version of “Indestructible,” which has already been out for a few weeks, is also a Pt. 3-only track — and there’s also a fifth one, too: “Get Myself Together,” which happens to also be perfect.