Meet 69-Year-Old DJ Mamy Rock

by Liz Colville

Bristol-based DJ Mamy Rock has one of the most old lady-sounding given names around: Ruth Flowers! But her stage name and the persona that goes with it are far from grandmotherly (even though she is actually a grandmother!)

Sporting shades that resemble cataract sunglasses, a track suit and tons of bling, Mamy Rock travels the world on the club circuit and has charmed every media outlet imaginable in the process. But how does a 69-year-old woman become someone who works seven nights in a row in a cavernous corner of a club sporting crystal-encrusted headphones? Back in 2005…

It was her grandson’s birthday, and rather than simply popping round to wish him happy returns over a cup of tea, Flowers decided to join him at a London nightclub. After fighting her way past a rather incredulous bouncer — “This fellow outside the door said ‘You don’t want to go in there, madam’ and I told him, ‘Yes I jolly well do, it’s my grandson’s birthday!’” — she fell in love with what she saw.

DJ Mamy admits that the travel is exhausting, but the hotels are “quite nice” and, after all:

If you can’t do what you want to at my age, when can you?

I CAN’T WAIT TO RETIRE! Flowers used to work at a number of different jobs, including shopkeeper and drama teacher, but she abandoned the latter after realizing that she was teaching “little toads with no interest in what I was doing.” Fuck those little toads, Mamy! Fuck ‘em!

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