Liz Hurley Pleasantly Perfect

by Liz Colville

Liz Hurley makes it impossible to hate her in an article of “advice” aka an itemized, frank, and surprisingly down-to-earth list of how wonderful her life is. Maybe my own organic farm will just pop up in my backyard if I start talking in her jolly, horsey voice, or grow a pair of perfect boobs that never require the help of a bra.

So how does she do it? Relax, that is, after a stressful day looking beautiful, representing Estée Lauder, being a mum, and taking care of her (her own, her very own) farm?

The one place I can really unwind is in the bath, once I’ve put Damian to bed. I light a candle, sprinkle in some Dead Sea salts and some Jo Malone bath oil, then read for half an hour. All the dogs sit around the bath watching me, which is sweet. Then I text a few friends, do a few Tweets and get dressed for dinner feeling like a new girl.

In the garden:

I do a lot of gardening and also use the tractor and the JCB. I love imposing order on unruly hedges.


I always wear make-up as I don’t see the point of looking less than your best — I’m a huge make-up fan.

Cool, cool. At least she’s honest. But there are some confusing parts in this article, like:

I rarely go for a walk without taking the Strimmer with me.

THE WHAT? So I thought she was talking about some kind of As Seen On TV™ exercise device, like a portable kind of Bowflex thing, and in that case I was very ready to hate her. But she is in fact talking about a weedwacker! Back to enjoying her.

Photo by Brian Minkoff via Wikipedia