Jane Pratt and Tavi Gevinson Are Starting a Magazine

by Liz Colville

News broke this weekend that sensational young fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson — aka Style Rookie — is soon to be joining forces with Sassy and Jane founding editor Jane Pratt for a rather large project that will not (just) be on the Internet. Maybe it won’t even be on the Internet at all! These women are pioneers.

Gevinson, a huge fan of Sassy, who, I kid you not, graduated from middle school this summer, though you probably already know so much about Tavi that you’re not in the mood for jokes, just get to the point, published an announcement (and call for submissions!) on her blog the other day, writing that Pratt had gotten wind of her admiration for the long-ago magazine, and after meeting a few times, the two decided to put their heads together and launch “a magazine for an audience of wallflowerly teenage girls.”

Fucking brilliantest of brill. The recession is over! It’s time for wizened old dying sunflowers (opposite of wallflowers?) who don’t know how to manage magazine budgets and put the same five people on their covers to move over and give the duo of seen-the-magazine-industry-from-both-sides-now and wise-beyond-her-years the spotlight. This is going to be great.

Photo by Tavi Gevinson via Flickr