Iamamiwhoami Really Dragging This Thing Out

by Liz Colville

The mysterious musical act who popped up on YouTube last year with spooky, highly stylized music videos denoted with a mishmash of numbers and letters that music nerds including myself tried and failed to decode/out, is at it again with this number, which features cats and a severed leg with a bucket over its head (knee), seemingly a sequel to a video posted three months ago (there was also this vague announcement a month ago). This new video links to a website, which reports that the mystery lady — Yo-Landi Vi$$ser fronting a tranquil side project? More likely Jonna Lee? — will appear “in concert” at 12:01AM on 10.11.16. When is that? October 11, 2016? Hopefully November 16, 2010. [Via]

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