Hand-Drawn Erotic Photo Hunt

by The Hairpin

So, this is a little crazy, but have you ever played Erotic Photo Hunt in a bar? You know, that awesome game where a bunch of drunk buddies hover around a computer-type thing and touch the screen to identify all the differences between a picture of a “sensual” woman lounging in a hotel room and a picture of the exact same “sensual” woman lounging in the exact same hotel room, except in the photo on the right her strap is off, the curtain has only three folds, and the glass of water is half empty, etc.? Well, we thought it would be funny to get a few of our most erotic friends to hand-draw these Hunts, which is what has happened after the jump.

So, to play, just press the screen in all the places where you spot the differences. (I’ve programmed just this one blog post to have sensi-screens all over the planet.) (A little timer has also been embedded, somehow.) Ready? Go!

From Sachar Mathias:

From Edith Zimmerman:

From Lindsay Mound:

From Amy Jean Porter:

And from Bonnie Downing, a little differently:

The first person to spot all the differences gets a prize! Just say whether you were first — be honest — and we’ll send something amazing out right away.