Hair Relaxing, Now With Gas Masks

by Liz Colville

Hair stylists who perform relaxation techniques on their clients’ hair — cruelly forcing curly hair to straighten itself, goddammit — are being advised to protect themselves from the harsh chemicals in the relaxers. To this end, many salons are now offering respirators to clients and stylists.

This comes after news that the popular Brazilian Blowout contains formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic in large quantities. (Isn’t everything?) The Canadians first alerted the public to the Brazilian Blowout matter, and now the FDA is investigating this line of products, as well as keratin-based relaxers. Some reputable salons have eliminated these from their menus, but others remain steadfast, presumably because they bring in bucketloads of cash — as much as $600 per treatment. As one salon owner told the New York Times, “I say, you put Botox in your face, lead in your lipstick, and you smoke. Pick your poison.” Just one?

Photo via The Beauty Brains