Gloria Steinem Explains How Mama Grizzlies Actually Roll

by Liz Colville

Sarah Palin is totally wrong about something, strangely, says Gloria Steinem in a Big Think interview. Turns out the “mama grizzly” reverse personification (?) makes no freaking sense in the context of conservative women. Because mama grizzlies (the actual bear kind):

…are famous for their exertion of reproductive control in their lives…Even compared to other bears, brown bears say, they mate later; they have only one or two cubs instead of four; they wait four years instead of two between having cubs; and even once they’re pregnant if they see that it’s going to be a really hard winter, they themselves are not in good health or the food supply is low, their bodies reabsorb the fetus.

Here’s the rest of the interview:

P.S. Children are “hugely mostly raised by women.” [Via]

Photo via BUY IT.