Everyone Is Daydreaming, Everyone Is Miserable

Are you even paying attention to this critical blog post or are you daydreaming about that thing that you did or that thing you might do or could have said in that situation that already happened, but also maybe what outfit would look good when you go out later, and should you even go out later at all, because honestly if you were smart or even vaguely responsible you would just take a sleeping pill and disappear? Or are you having sex? In which case you aren’t daydreaming at all. (But also, let’s be real, if you’re having sex you’re definitely still daydreaming, it’s just a little different — not, like, that you’re imagining having sex, but that when you have sex you think about things. Also, congrats on having sex! You must be very pretty and cool. And at ease, and nice. Just sort of indimidatingly CHILL. In fact, if I were going to be another person, I’d want to be you! I love you! I’m drunk, I think, still! I think? No, I know for absolute complete certain!)