Don’t Be That Guy, But Who Exactly Is That Guy?

by Liz Colville

The great thing about the city of Edmonton’s new anti-rape campaign, as Feministing points out, is that it addresses potential rapists, rather than victims or potential victims: the motto is “Don’t Be That Guy.” But the not-so-great thing is that, in the grand tradition of Canada, the motto is far too polite!

Because traditionally speaking, That Guy is not a rapist or someone with aspirations to become a rapist, is he? He’s That Guy who never has cash or a debit card that works. That Guy who always, always, always gets too drunk. But you invite him out because you don’t have to drink as much if he’s there, drunk and getting ever lower to the ground. Until he turns into a pumpkin at midnight, he’s entertaining! But then he swings like a monkey on the subway ride home, unless he’s still out or already passed out on a stranger’s bathroom floor. Or maybe That Guy is some guy from the Internet. That Guy, the really awkward creature in the office whose glasses steam up whenever he’s around a lady. That Guy, someone you hooked up with many times but can’t remember the name of. That Guy, Ryan Seacrest.

Photo: the one and only That Guy, maybe.