Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Auditions Are So Fun

by Liz Colville

Highlights from a judging session during an episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, about a group of women who participate in grueling, scrutinizing auditions for the chance to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and get paid a whopping $150 per game:

“What are we going to say for this one…?”
“Not HD-ready?” (Cackles)

“Hey, can you get her waist? That’s a no on that. That’s a belly-blower.” (Breathy laughter)

“They have to be more flawless.” (Frowns, wide-eyed)

“We need to relax that hair a bit. But I like the fact that she’s curly and different.” (Breathes sigh of satisfaction at self’s ability to embrace white girl with curly blonde hair as “different”)

Slate’s DoubleX does some more marveling at this phenomenon, which is now in its fifth season.