Battleship Is a Movie, Also a Drinking Game

by Liz Colville

First of all, give college and other men props for being so ridiculously creative in the department of drinking game apparatuses. They’ll take a creaky old bake sale/cafeteria-type table and scrawl THIS IS OURS AND IT STAYS HERE AND IT IS FOR BEER PONG in black sharpie, and voilà, a beer pong table. Actually, the time I lived in a frat house one summer, I was very impressed with the decorative elements of the frat’s beer pong table, which looked as if it was antique, including the beer pong-related elements. There may have been a coat of arms painted on it, with one quadrant depicting a ping pong ball.

Now this: this Battleship board that is made of cardboard and features squares drawn from elegantly semi-straight sharpie lines that are big enough to hold a shot glass. It is inspired by a real, actual game that is not made by Hasbro and is not made of cardboard. What happens is, when your ship or a piece of it is sunk by your opponent, you get to drink, which psychologically is a bit strange, because who wants to lose? But more importantly, who wants to not be drunk? [Via]

Please don’t forget that Battleship is soon to be Battleship.