Bathtub Caulking Found to Make Bad Butt Implants

If, when caulking your bathtub, you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I should take this giant plastic syringe and empty its contents into my butt,” you’re not alone: model Anivia Cruz-Dilworth thought the exact same thing, and then charged people $1,200 to let her administer this butt “enhancement.”

According to court documents, Cruz-Dilworth told the women that she was a trained professional and that she would inject them with a substance the 28-year-old called “hydro-gel,” which is supposed to enhance the buttock.

Instead, the New Brunswick resident injected her clients with a silicone sealant, the very same material used to caulk bathtubs. The injection sites were also sealed with Krazy Glue.

Krazy Glue! Girl is (was) one step ahead.


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