Are You Ready for Some Fun? Women in Their 30s List Their Biggest Regrets

Oh jeez. Lemondrop asked the editor of the book Secret Regrets: What If You Had Another Chance? (and the proprietor of the website Secret Regrets) to round up two dozen regretful responses from women — specifically, women in their 30s. So he did, and it’s definitely not the most uplifting read. For instance:

I regret getting so comfortable in my marriage (which ultimately failed) that I let myself go and now, as a single mom pushing 40 and 300lbs, nobody wants me and I’m facing a life utterly alone and lonely with no way to change it. — Female, 38

If I had a second chance to do ONE thing differently in my life, I would not have put my job before my family because it gave my husband a reason to have an affair and I totally understand it now. Not that it makes it right, I just understand that he wasn’t the only person to blame. — Female, 38

I regret that because of the pain you have caused me, because you can’t be anything but selfish, because you are continuing the affair and denying it, that because of all of those reasons, I’m going to wreck myself and have an affair just to hurt you. That because I feel like an outsider in our marriage, someone who is ugly and not worth love, I’m going to seek attention elsewhere. I don’t regret the hurt I’m going to cause to you, but I will regret that all my morals are disappearing in my desperate need to feel loved. By anyone. I regret that I’m not going to be the same honest, faithful person I was, because of you. — Female, 35

Like I said, lots of laughs. There are a couple fun ones, though, like:

I regret encouraging you to move to my neighborhood. Truth is, your husband is incredibly hot and if you did move here, I think I could get him to cheat on you with me. I don’t want to test that though. Please stay where you are. — Female, 30

Wait, nope, that’s not actually fun at all. Man. Anyway. I’m gonna go walk around for a sec.