Woman From MoveOn.org Stomped On at Rand Paul Debate

by Liz Colville

Lauren Valle of MoveOn.org attended a Rand Paul-Jack Conway debate in Lexington, KY last night and ran into a handful of thuggish Rand Paul supporters outside the debate while attempting to give Paul an “employee of the month” certificate from Republicorp, a fake business that MoveOn.org created to symbolize the Republican party’s close ties to business interests.

The Paul supporters caught on to Valle, pulled her blonde wig off, then tackled her to the ground, where one supporter — a man who looks to be in his 50s — stomped on her shoulder, proving, among other things, that age really ain’t nothing but a number. Valle spoke to reporters after the incident and seemed OK, but she was taken to the hospital to get her injuries looked at. [Via]

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