Welcome to the Hairpin!

Hello and welcome! The Hairpin is a ladies’ website run by Edith Zimmerman and Liz Colville, two grave young women who spend all their time online. A hairpin is also a small tool for keeping your hair in place, and a kind of dramatic turn. For more information on those hairpins, stay on this page or slowly click through our entire archive — there’s surely something back there to answer your questions.

More about us: The Hairpin is a general-interest blog, meaning we’ll be linking to the stories of the day that appeal to us, from politics to makeup to the whereabouts of penis-shaped rainclouds, and is a ladies’ site insofar as it is run by women, will feature writing by women (although guys should feel free to get at us if they see a place for themselves), and will (hopefully!) be read by women. In addition to commentary on the day’s offerings, we’ll also be running original content from our contributors, in the form of text, video, illustration, and maybe even media that hasn’t been invented yet. If you’d like to submit, please do.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stick around.