Very Cold, Isolated Place to Get Ubiquitous Donut Store

by Liz Colville

So I’m partially from Canada and up there is this place called Tim Horton’s that is like Dunkin Donuts except more inviting and delicious, partly because Tim Horton was a professional ice hockey player who died in a car accident when he was only 44. He was not wearing a seat belt, but the fact remains. Tragic.

Returning to the happier thread of this news item, unlike many professional athletes, Horton had a retirement plan, and that plan was donuts. Tim Horton’s is, like Dunkin Donuts, everywhere in Canada — everywhere except Nunavut — until now! Nunavut (the capital, Iqaluit, is pictured) is like the Alaska of Eastern Canada. People from Nunavut and other northern provinces tended to just bring things like donuts on planes with them from the south. That’s all over now! As a bonus, the items are going to cost 50 cents more in Nunavut than everywhere else.