Today in Literal Cat Burglaries

by Liz Colville

The wife of a British MP broke into the house of her husband’s lover a few weeks ago and stole a kitten “worth £20” (surely more!) Christine Hemming, wife of Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, burgled the home of Emily Cox, who had a child by Hemming in 2005, on September 29 and snatched Cox’s tabby kitten Beauty, pictured.

The thief has appeared in court over the burglary, but the cat is still missing, which the MP took to his blog this morning to announce (so he’s clearly still on good-to-great terms with his young lady friend). Please note that Hemming prefers to call his blog a ‘web log.’ Also, this is the second high-profile case of something unfortunate happening to a cat in England in recent months. First there was this!