Reproductive Surgeon Advises Women in Their 20s to ‘Freeze Their Ovaries’

“Leading fertility expert” Sherman Silber, author of popular book How To Get Pregnant, is calling for childless but child-wanting women under 30 to get a chunk of their ovaries removed so they can then have babies at their leisure.

The procedure … involves extracting about a third of the tissue from one of a woman’s ovaries while she is in her twenties and at her most fertile.

This section of tissue … is then frozen until she reaches her thirties, forties or even fifties and decides to start a family. It is then thawed and implanted back into her ovary so it can provide her with the same number and quality of eggs she would have had in her twenties.

Piece of cake. The article then reassuringly concludes:

Dr Silber [said] … : ‘An 18 year old is not going to think about this, maybe not a 25 year old, but a woman should really think about this before she reaches 30.’

A happy-birthday surgery, then. Unless you’re already decrepit, in which case go rob that freezer.