Redheads Are Everywhere

by Liz Colville

It’s remarkable how many notable redheads are mentioned in this New York Times article. The obvious current frontrunners like Christina Hendricks, Rihanna, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone are name-dropped, but then the author just goes to town, even mentioning the relatively obscure Cameron Mesirow of the experimental pop outfit Glasser (“a CMJ Music Festival darling”). Impressive! Interestingly, no mention of Lohan anywhere in the article.

The woman responsible for Hendricks’ hair on Mad Men (Hendricks is a natural blonde) says she’s gotten an onslaught of queries from women about how to get that hair! But at the exact same time, it turns out most ladies still aren’t fans of redheads. One L.A. stylist said that when some of her celebrity clients “see red in their hair, it freaks them out” (I’d like to see that). Another added, “Like some people think redheads are a little batty.” Hendricks playing the least batty character on Mad Men should surely help there. And if Lohan ever wants to come back to us, the first image for “redheads” on Google is still of her.

Photo by Art Renewal Center Museum via Wikipedia