Privileged Tower-Dwelling Woman Is Privileged

by Liz Colville

A Seattle-based fancy-pants lives in one of the coolest, most vertiginous places on our continent, the Times will have you believe (the pictures are pretty convincing). “But how did this 46-year-old choreographer-turned-venture-capitalist-turned-no-nanny mom win a long-term lease on what may be the most extraordinary apartment in the city: the space at the top of the historic Smith Tower in Pioneer Square? Well, she decided she wanted to live there, of course.” But when I tried to move into the Williamsburg Savings Bank I got a different response.

In case you thought this was just about a slide show, no. Plenty of the article’s word count is devoted to the privileged lady walking around showing the reporter pictures of herself with famous sorts. (“Here I am patting an ocelot with Desmond Tutu in Zambia,” “Here I am tight-roping between the World Trade Center towers with Philippe Petit,” “Here I am affectionately rubbing my nose against the nose of Tennessee Williams,” etc.)

Photo by Vmenkov via Wikipedia