Mysterious Fashion Blog Brings Poetry to Tumblr

At first I hated FuckYeahMenswear:

Sting operation outside my dorm.

Code red.

DEFCON 4 level swag.

I’m on some transcendent shit.

St. Jeezy knit and white jeggings.

S/S 2010.

Barbour Beau and my Beanies, baby.

F/W 1923.

Moleskin and a brown bag lunch.

NYU Class of ‘13.

I’m a goddamn trend transformer.

But then:

Me and my bros.

Around the blogosphere in 80 days.

In the sartorial dick measuring contest we call life I’m undefeated.

You probably think I’m going fishing with a cooler full of Heinies.

Channeling DJ Paulie Newman on some Life Magazine archive type shit.

Think again.

We’re not doing anything outside of lampin’ in espys, macking this fine ass broad and creasing our chinos.

It took me 15 minutes to get this bandanna right.

You think I’m gonna fuck that shit up by doing any manual labor disguised as a hobby?

My only hobby is looking fresh.

I repeat, my only hobby is looking fresh to death.

I repeat, my only hobby is looking fresh to death on my fucking yacht.

Fresh to death on my fucking yacht. Credit where credit is due. There’s $40 for anyone who knows who’s behind it.