Ken Doll to Get Fierce New Look, Thrilling New TV Show

Our old pal and biggest crush Ken is getting a makeover (weird, he always looked so perfect!) and coming to a computer near you. His show, called Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend (!!!), will stream exclusively on Hulu starting Jan. 18, 2011, and will coincide with the relaunch of Ken’s Twitter and Facebook pages (!!!???!!!).

Says a Mattel exec,

He’s getting a makeover to make sure he’s still as culturally and visually relevant as Barbie is. He’s getting a little work done to get ready for his 50th anniversary.

Oh, and the show? The show will be be a REALITY SHOW in which

eight men between the ages of 21 and 30 will compete in a series of elimination challenges to prove that they possess Ken’s qualities in order to be “the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion,” including being able to surf, design, have a sense of fashion and show a romantic side.

We may or may not WILL DEFINITELY BE RECAPPING this thing of beauty.