How to Buy a $3,000 Purse

This handy guide to buying extremely expensive things, like face lifts, estate jewelry, wine, helicopters, and investment handbags, also brought to my attention the website PurseBlog, a blog about purses. I’ll be darned! Anyway, if you’d rather skip the guide’s tips for touching the bags, squeezing the bags, and deciding whether you want them to have little gold feet on their supple bellies, you can cut right to the top three investment purses (which range from $3,200 to $6,000 and include the Chanel 2.55, pictured).

It should also be noted that investment purses are not, in fact, investments, due to the fact that purses generally don’t make you money, and that in this case the word “investment” — a mature-sounding word, a word associated with responsible choices — is being leaned upon to mitigate the insanity of spending so ridiculously much money on a little sack you carry with you. That being said, I do want the purses.