Hillary Clinton Joins ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign

by Liz Colville

The ‘It Gets Better’ YouTube campaign, started by columnist Dan Savage in the wake of several high-profile gay teen suicides, has officially reached viral status: thousands of LGBTQ people have taken to YouTube to share tales of their own negative experiences and words of encouragement. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is just, like, down with the message.

Though she looks exhausted and speaks in monotone, you are used to both these Hills traits by now! Anyway, the message speaks for itself. Feministing points out that Clinton’s State Department has been especially progressive on the LGBTQ front: she’s extended benefits for domestic partners and “simplified and clarified gender changes on passports.” She also wore purple yesterday. [Via]

Also, holy shit, watch some of the other ‘It Gets Better’ videos, stat.

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