Gubernatorial Candidate Kristin Davis So Much More Than Former Madam

by Liz Colville

“During her stint as a madam in the early aughts, Ms. Davis programmed computer systems to place automated postings on Craigslist and routed phone calls through Uruguay using a multitiered modem with eight Ethernet plugs. She maintained that it was marketing, however, and not hardware that drove her business. ‘Take you,’ she said to The Observer. ‘You could be marketed as a Samantha, an Isabelle, a Katie or a Carrie, with a different biography for each identity.’ Ms. Davis enjoys negotiating. ‘Sex is like water,’ she said. ‘Water is free, but you can still sell it.’” — Molly Young chills with New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis, a member of the Anti-Prohibition Party, who claims to have done transactions with former Governor Eliot Spitzer, also spent ten years on Wall Street, and could definitely set up an Internet connection for you.

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