Dinosaur Tasted Like Stinky Turkey


On the heels of the devastating discovery that Tyrannosaurus rexes might have been cannibals — T. rex bite marks have been found on T. rex bones, meaning they’re not the ruthless, high-minded kings of murder we’ve come to know them as but grubby, disgusting creeps — Slate wonders what a Tyrannosaurus might have tasted like. The one-word answer is “hawk,” which apparently is “not far off from the dark meat of a turkey” and “would be more pungent because of its all-meat diet.”

But, if you find a T. rex, here are the places on its body to eat:

Drumsticks are likely to have been the most plentiful source of T. rex meat, with other large deposits in the neck and back. With such tiny little arms, Tyrannosaurus rex had a relative paucity of breast meat, though, at six tons per animal, there was plenty of just about everything. If the king of the dinosaurs had any white meat at all, it would have been in the tail, which may have been whipped around as a weapon.

And if you click through, there’s an illustration that if you stare at long enough starts to look like something else altogether.