Chinese Job Posting Gropes Women With Words

by Liz Colville

The law enforcement unit in Chengdu, China wants work to be just like Halloween — young women dressed up looking sexy, specifically in police uniforms. They’re looking for women under 23 who are taller than 5 foot 2, “attractive and with a good temperament.” The women should also be prepared not to get too attached to their jobs, because their contracts will end when they’re 26, just as their first wrinkles are appearing. On their fingers. But let’s give Chengdu law enforcement a chance here:

“Their main job is to present a good image so they have to be good looking,” said the human resources director of the law enforcement bureau. “And when they get older, they will get married and have children so it will not be convenient for them to do such work. Having them leave at 26 is for their sake.”

On behalf of the women of Chengdu, thank you so much!

Photo by The Longest Way Home